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Kravall Level Editor

To save on development time we decided to make our editor as a plugin for a 3D modeling application. This prevents us from having to reinvent the wheel, as we receive most of the basic functionality expected from a level editor for free. We have people familiar with 3DS Max, Maya and Blender, but in the end we decided to go with Blender.

Here is a video explaining some of the features of the level editor.

There are several reasons that we decided to go with Blender.

  • It’s free and open source, so if we would want to continue using the editor after school is over, we wouldn’t have to invest in expensive software.
  • It works on both Windows and Linux, which is pretty important since 3 out of 11 of us develop in Linux.
  • It has hotkey presets for Maya and 3DS Max, so none of our artists who all come from different software would have to relearn all the hotkeys.