About the game

It is several years into the future. Technology has advanced, bringing with it several enhancements to the human body: robot prosthetics and nanotechnology have given people the power to perform better, be superior and live longer.  Obviously, this comes at a price – a high one – increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. The less fortunate were banished to the lower levels of the city, with the prosperous living the high life in the upper districts.

You receive word that a riot has started in the lower districts. The poor want something, again, and you know the rioters are going to use all means possible to achieve it. Hopefully, you can lead the rioters through their demonstration without it getting out of hand. It would be very sad if you had to use lethal force…

Kravall is a real-time strategy game which is all about controlling flow. Using advanced technologies such as potential fields and GPGPU computations the player takes on the role of Chief of Police trying to control a large amount of rioters with a much smaller number of police.

As a player, you get to choose from a selection of missions, each with their own objectives. It could be something as simple as escorting a group of rioters from point A to B, making sure they don’t stray away from the path, to more advanced scenarios where you need to disband a group of rioters, arrest important people or make sure two different groups of rioters do not meet and start fighting.

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