About us

XYZ is a group consisting of 11 students at Blekinge Institute of Technology studying the programmes Technical artist for games and the Master of Science in Game and Software Engineering. This project is part of our curriculum, to produce a game in 5 months as a group.

Kim Restad


Contact: http://www.kimrestad.se

My main task is the AI of the project: potential fields, behaviour etc. A part of that was to create and oversee the unity prototype for testing the AI mechanics, where I got some help from John.


    Tim Henriksson

    Programmer, game designer

    My main tasks working on RIOT are game design and the rendering engine.

      Max Danielsson

      Technical lead

      Writes software. Responsible for the technical aspects of the project.

      Alice Darner

      Technical artist

      Contact: http://www.coroflot.com/alicecold

      I am one of the project's Technical Artists; I make graphics as well as some lightweight programming. Mainly, I am responsible for the game's custom fileformat (.bgnome), which I've developed together with Johan, and the importer for the format.

      Lukas Orsvärn

      Technical artist lead

      Contact: lukas.orsvarn@gmail.com

      Other than my duties as TA lead, my main responsibility is the level editor.

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